About Us

A mission-driven organization providing consumers healthy, cost-effective and sustainable housing solutions.

NeXus Housing was born out of a partnership between the Rancho Cielo Construction Academy and Ecologic Architects in the summer of 2022.
A highly collaborative team came together to design, engineer, permit, build and deliver a prototype healthy modular home called NeXus 01.
This home is currently under construction and is to be exhibited at the International Design/Build Competition called the Orange County Sustainability Decathalon in October 5 - 15, 2023.

The design process, lead by Architect Thomas Rettenwender and Project Manager Laura Cowan Higuchi, is guided by a team of industry leaders
including Bill Hayward, Pete Scudder, Don Chapin, Mark Laliberte, Larry Weingarten, along with the staff at Rancho Cielo including CEO Chris Devers, John Anderson, Ed Bennett and Joe DeRousi.

The term nexus means a link, a connected group or series. Building a house certainly involves a collaboration - a coming together - of different disciplines including owner, designer, builder, electrician, plumber and many others. Our team at Nexus Housing includes a group of highly collaborative design professionals who help to bring together a wide network of skilled trades people, experts in their subject matter - to work together to get your home built.

The completed home is itself a nexus in the sense that it allows for friends and family to assemble and come together. The home provides a nexus for families to grow.

Communities come together in neighborhoods. By using forward looking community development tools Nexus Housing can help you build a single unit as well as multi-unit developments.